Friday, May 15, 2015

AC/DC It's a Long Way to the Top

Another song that is often butchered when covered.  I listen for two things: the main guitar rhythm riff is dominant and unwavering, and the the vocals are not horrible.  Why is that so much to ask?

For guitar reference, here is a great guitar instructional on the song with an opening that is awesome to listen to over and over again, and Justin does a great job of explaining the main riff.  Crank up your volume and bass to get the full effect!:
For vocal reference, check out this guy on Australia's version of American Idol:
Here's an old live cut of AC/DC:
Any bands up to it?

1. Hells Belles.  Recording quality on this one is not great, and I think the bagpipes were a gimmick, but this all-female band in the Pacific Northwest rocks.  I strongly suggest you follow youtube links and listen to some of their other AC/DC covers.  They are quite possibly the best AC/DC cover band out there.  I sh*t you not.
2. Paisan.  Awesome performance.  Ingenious substitution of accordion for the bag pipes:

3. Skyline.  German band.  Solid band and vocal performance.
There are probably several hundred covers of this on youtube and no way I can check them all.  Please give suggestions in the comments!

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