Saturday, May 9, 2015

Fortunate Son by Credence Clearwater Revival

Apparently this is a hard song to cover well, because I watched dozens and found only a few to recommend.  Here is CCR live in their prime for reference:
1. A band called Stars out of Australia.  The lead singer captures the spirit of the lyrics but makes them his own with a few melodic and rhythm twists.  The band nails the rhythm and tone, but again puts their own signature on it.  Classic rock stage presence.  Great recording for 1979.

2. Jesse Kinch.  This guy nails the lyrics.  Usually it is the lead singer that dooms the cover on this song, some singers just don't feel the lyrics right.  They either go through motions like a wedding singer, or they overdo it.  But this guy has it.  Odd venue, like a fish out of water, but he still does it.

3.  Little Nails (?).  Not sure if I got the name of the band right.  Nothing fancy, they just do it!  So many bands try to make this song something it is not.  The band is tight, and the lead singer gets it right.  They have that "talented garage band" stage presence that I love.

Feel free to recommend any I missed.  But if you recommend your own band, don't get upset if I give constructive criticism and a thumbs down.

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